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Many of the applicants applying for the M. Verna Butterer Educational Trust Scholarship/loan are non-traditional students. They are not graduating from high school in the Spring and are presently attending colleges, post graduate studies, and even doctoral degrees. Some are individuals who have been out of high school or college for many years and are going back to school to pursue or complete a degree.

Non-traditional students have various difficulties in completing the application which is geared towards the graduating high school senior. Please be assured that you do qualify for this scholarship if you are a Bucks County resident (US Citizen) and show a financial need in order to pursue a �post high school� degree. The applicant must attend an accredited program full-time.

To assist the selection committee and to provide them with all of the required items and numbers they need, the following list may be helpful to you.

  • If you are presently attending college, include a copy of your college transcript.
  • Three recommendations are necessary so if you are not in school presently, use an employer or instructor recommendation.
  • The institution you are or will be attending has access to the FAFSA Application. It is necessary to fill out the application and provide the results which is in the form of a SAR (Student Aid Report) and which reflects the all important EFC (Estimated Family Contribution). A need cannot be established without the EFC.
  • If you are presently attending college, graduate or doctoral work, attach a copy of the previous year�s financial package and a copy of the previous semester�s invoice for tuition, room or board. If you have applied to an institution, enter the tuition, room and board on the front of the application.
  • If there are specific facts pertinent to your application, attach a written note that would make the selection committee aware of these special situations.
  • For activities and community services, list your accomplishments in the last four years.
  • Remember that the more pertinent information you provide about your present status, the more helpful it will be to the selection committee.